Benefits – Participating Children & Host Schools

The Children

  • First-hand experience of boarding school life and SHS school model in Ghana.


  • Gain understanding of Ghanaian culture at their age level and appreciate their parents’ cultural perspectives on their return.


  • Establish lasting friendships, build social circles and connect with their age mates in Ghana to stir their interest in Ghana as they grow up.


  • Gain access to old school membership status and networks through old school associations.


  • Appreciate opportunities that are available to them wherever they are and make the best of it.


  • Develop a sense of pride in their Ghanaian ancestry and feel more connected to their motherland with a better self-esteem and sense of identity

The Host Schools

  • Participating host schools gain international visibilities as children from different countries are coming on the programme.


  • Participating host schools will be able to build international collaborations with visiting student’s home schools to foster sharing of curricula and teaching methods.


  • Permanent affiliations of foreign visiting students with the host school.


  • Benefit to home school student to have lasting friendships, share ideas, connect and experience other cultures.


  • Participating host schools gain broader access to old student in the Diaspora to contribute to the school’s development.